Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30, 2007 Prayer Requests...

**Continue to pray for Liesa, Haylee, Jackson, and myself as we prepare for this journey that God has already planned for us. Pray for our families and the affect that all of this is having on them.

**Pray for the students here at First Baptist Oxford. They will also be facing a time of transition that is a BIG DEAL. Pray for spiritual growth over the next few months in the lives of our students and parents.

**Pray for the NEW minister to students...somewhere out there...that God is preparing for a move to Oxford.

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luice said...

Dear Jeff, Liesa, Haylee and Jackson,

I will keep praying for you all. One day we may be far away, but we are still a family in Christ. May God's peace be with you. And Pray God will help you all to go through this transition. Our God is faithful. He deserves us to lose everything. I will see where God will lead me after I finish my study. It's possible I will be just like you to be a missionary to somewhere.