Saturday, November 24, 2007

Field Personnel Orientation -- Week FIVE!

This week was a fast week as we had so many things going on in just a few short days.

On Monday and Tuesday we heard a report from a colleague serving in a very dangerous part of our world about The Persecuted Church. We learned about the reality of persecution and then were reminded of the miracle of the United States...our freedom to worship and express our faith is marveled by others around the world. I would encourage you to visit and learn how you can pray for your brothers and sisters who are suffering in ways that we will probably never have to.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we began training in Chronological Bible Storying. There are over 4400 languages in our world and just about 2400 of them do not have the Bible in their we must share the Scriptures with them orally...through stories. This strategy is working around the world with amazing results. Check out for more information about this. Most teams who will be coming to work with us in Peru will need to know how to do this.

Thursday was a day off for Thanksgiving! SEE POST BELOW.

On Friday it was back to work...this time in Washington, D.C. We had several tasks to complete and all involved learning about South American culture. We spent time at the basillica of the Catholic University of America. We also found an authentic Peruvian Restaurant where we had a delicious lunch (No Guinea Pig, yet!). We were able to share Christ in several ways. Liesa was able to pray with the staff of the restaurant. We then spent time prayer walking and observing many of the internationals at Union Station. It was a good experience. Much better than being on the losing end of the Egg Bowl. (Just a note...with the score 14 to zip in the 4th quarter and the ball in your own territory....PUNT THE BALL!) Merry Christmas State Fans!

Our time here has been tough in many ways but ALL of it has been GOOD because of the faithful friends that we have praying for us. There is no way to thank you all. PLEASE continue to pray...we cannot communicate with you the ways we see answers EVERY DAY and WE KNOW the Father is working through YOU to provide for us and prepare us for the days ahead.

Prayer Requests for this week...
  • Continue to pray for Haylee and Jackson. They are handling all of this well but are certainly missing their friends in Oxford. Please pray that God would meet their social needs in abundant ways.
  • This week is our Regional Leadership training. This is where our supervisors from South America come in and give us further training for our work in South America. There are over 20 of us headed to various parts of South America and we've developed a sweet fellowship. Pray that our training will prepare us for our work.
  • We got the word this week that we will fly out of Jackson, MS on Dec 31 at 6 am to head to Costa Rica for language training. Pray for all of the preparations that must be made before we ship out.
  • Pray for our pastor Eric Hankins and the church staff at First Baptist Oxford...pray for wisdom, courage, and boldness.

This is the basillica at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

The Casa Blanca Restaurant in Washington, D.C.


JG said...

For all Bulldogs, I accept your early Christmas wishes. We miss you all and pray for your well being and safety.

Laney said...

i've been catching up on ya'll's blog. it looks like the kids are doing really great... they are getting so grown up! tell them to stop that! i remember those MLC days of way too much information. u will have fun with regional week though, David is soo laid back! thanks for all of ya'll's prays for me as well. I love ya'll!!!!