Sunday, November 11, 2007

Field Personnel Orientation -- Week THREE!

Jackson and Haylee reading and relaxing.

Week three...we have had a good week of learning with a little fun mixed in too. We started the week learning about "Anthropology". For those of you who are wondering what that's the study of people. We are learning that just because we've always done it the American way doesn't mean that it's the only way to do things. Our job is to take the Gospel to the nations...not to take them American culture and traditions. Their way may not be wrong, simply different. On day two we took a class studying tribal religions. We closed the week studying the the Scriptures and defining "church". As we plant churches we need to be able to teach the new body of believers what Scripture says, not simply what we have seen or experienced.

Haylee and Jackson have lot's of fun with their new friends. This week they had a chance to play basketball, soccer, and hockey. Haylee even took time out to go walking with mom. On Monday, Haylee shared her testimony during the school worship time. Jackson presented a book report on what he learned about Peru. We are so proud of both of them.

Thanks goes out to Liesa's dad! He took time off from his busy schedule to help with the closing of our home. We are so blessed to have him taking care of our personal affairs. We love you dad.

Prayer request...

  • Our families as they adjust to us being away.

  • Haylee and Jackson as they continue to learn what being an MK is all about.

  • Jeff and Liesa that they will continue to learn the tools necessary to carry the Gospel to the people of Peru.

  • Spiritual Growth of our family...that we will continue to grow in our relationship to Christ and not reach a point of feeling like we have all the answers.

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