Sunday, December 02, 2007

Field Personnel Orientation -- Week SIX!

This is Merton, our future pet Alpaca. We're excited about living in Peru!

Thank you to all who are praying for us. You are so important to the work that God has planned for the people of South America. Your prayers are MORE IMPORTANT than our efforts to do this work. Our work means nothing without your investment of prayer.

We are headed down the home stretch as we have finished week six here at the farm. This week was really good because we were able to spend most of the week together with all the personnel who will be headed to South America. We don't get to spend much time together as a whole group (It's 28 of us!). But, this week was a wonderful time of fellowship and learning specifically about South America.

On Monday through Thursday of this week we met with members of our Regional Leadership Team. We learned about the religious barriers that we'll encounter in South America (Catholicism, animism, sycretism, and others). We also learned about the business side of the IMB and some of the things we need to know to be good employees (You know how Jeff loves meetings about administrative policies and rules! We duct-taped his mouth shut. =) ) We also were able to learn a ton of things about strategy and planning that will help us get the work done that God has called us to.

On Thursday afternoon and all day Friday we were taught by Dr. Thom Wolf. Amazing. You can go to and read about his work. If we had only known some of this stuff sooner!

Saturday we were able to watch the SEC Championship game on the big screen in the auditorium. MAN, how we miss TV and college football! It was nice to see a game...even if it was LSU and Tennessee.

Haylee and Jackson are doing great and are already talking about how hard it will be to leave here. So many special people that we will miss.

These next two weeks will be marathon weeks for us as we finish up our training.

Prayer Requests...
**Praise God for the way He has blessed us and allowed us to see Him work.
**Pray for us to "press on" as we head toward the finish line. We need strength, to stay healthy, and mental sharpness.
**Pray for the other 250 of us here to finish strong.
**Pray for a buyer for our car...God has someone out there.

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