Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We are in San Jose' Costa Rica...

We have arrived in San Jose' to begin our language learning journey. We miss Mississippi but we are adjusting nicely. Today it's sunny and 78 degrees...pretty nice! Here's a photo of our new home...

We'll post more photos soon. Here is our contact info...
We have TWO phones...one is for our local calls and would be an international call for those of you who call us. The number from the U.S. would be 011-506-259-3646 ...no voice mail.

We have a phone that is a Mississippi number but rings here in Costa Rica. That number is 601-914-6705. That's a cheaper call and we have voicemail on that number.

Our email addresses are basically the same. Liesa and I have new emails but we still have our FBC Oxford accounts as well.
Liesa's new email... lholeman@samregion.com
Jeff's new email... jholeman@samregion.com
Haylee's email... haylee.holeman@gmail.com

We made it to McDonald's today in a taxi for lunch and we survived! We made it back to our house and everything....quite amazing. Take care and know you are missed!

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Pam Carter said...

So glad you are there safe and sound! Looking forward to your other pictures of your house and the area when you get settled....and tell Jack I said not to try to climb that fence! Love to all!!!