Sunday, May 11, 2008

News for this week...

Happy Mother's Day!
We love our Moms!

Granny and Liesa'a Mom (Nana) during their visit to Costa Rica.

Jeff's mom (Mimi) w/ Haylee and Jackson during her visit to Costa Rica

Happy Birthday Jackson!
On May 14, Jackson will celebrate his 9th Birthday.
Last friday night, in keeping with tradition, he had a sleepover birthday party. The boys had a great time playing with the "Wii"and play station, eating pizza and ice cream, and not sleeping! Yes we do mean not sleeping. They began watching a movie around 10:30, fell asleep, and were up for good around 3:30 the next morning. Doing what you might ask? Playing "Wii". Fun was had by all, but mom and dad were a bit tired.

Pizza at Ortero's. This is our favorite pizza restaurant
in Costa Rica. You can eat pizza and enjoy a movie
(Spanish or English). You never know what you'll get.

The boys enjoyed cheese and peperoni pizza!

Jackson got a soccer ball and a toy that shoots rubber balls.

Thanks to Nana and Pawpaw, the boys had a "Wii" to play with.
This was their game of choice.

Ice Cream "Chocolate and Cookies and Creme" from
"Pops" was the dessert of choice.
Prayer Requests for this week....
***Jackson - Wednesday is his birthday
***Haylee that she will continue to flourish here in C.R.
***Jeff and Liesa - we begin our first full week of our 2nd
trimester. Classes have kicked up a notch. We're not freshmen anymore!
***Liesa's mom as she recovers from a "knee stress fracture". It is imperative that she stay off her leg. She's not very good at doing that.
***Liesa's granny as she has some medical tests in association with her annual checkup.
***Jeff's mom as she finishes up the school year.
Thank you to all who prayed for South America.

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