Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prayer Requests for August 24, 2008

Thank you so much for praying for us! God uses you every day to help us.

We have had a good, SLOW week. We have spent time relaxing, playing, watching the Olympics, visiting the amusement park...just about anything we can do to avoid STUDYING! But the days of vacation are coming to an end. The kids begin their new school year on Wednesday. Haylee begins 6th grade and Jackson will be diving in to the world of 4th grade. Haylee is working hard for her dance recital coming up in September and Jackson will be returning to soccer. Liesa and Jeff will be heading up the ministry at La Carpio this semester and Jeff was elected (drafted, manipulated, ___ -insert any shady verb here.) one of the two chaplains for the language school for this semester. AND, we have to go to class. The great news is that we'll also be getting visas, making travel arrangements and getting ready to get to work in Peru. So these next three months will be busy. We need your prayers more than ever!
Please pray for...
  • Haylee and Jackson as they begin their new school year.
  • Jeff and Liesa as a new semester begins. OUR SPANISH MUST IMPROVE A LOT or the Peruvians might end up trusting in no telling what.
  • The ministry at La Carpio. La Carpio is a barrio of San Jose that pretty much is one of the poorest places on the earth. The people there are wonderful and they are hungry to hear about Jesus. We lead a group there every Thursday afternoon to conduct a meeting of games, worship and bible study primarily for kids.
  • The chaplaincy ministry at school that Jeff is leading. He is responsible (along with our other chaplain) for certain areas of orientation of new students, planning the chapel schedule, coordinating spiritual emphasis week and "other duties as assigned."
  • Jeff's brother and sister in law...Pete and Carrie Holeman...are pregnant! The little bundle of joy will make his/her appearance in April 2009.
  • All of the Ole Miss Football Games to be broadcast in Costa Rica...never hurts to ask!

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