Sunday, August 03, 2008

Prayer Requests for the week of August 4, 2008...

Only 8 days of class left in our second semester! We are so ready for a break although we enjoy school. We look forward to a couple of weeks of down time with Haylee and Jackson.

On Sunday afternoon, August 3, we had a "See You Later" meeting for our colleagues who are finishing up language school this semester. We are going to miss our friends but fortunately we'll get to see everybody in January at our South America Summit Meeting in Paraguay.

On Friday night Jeff was part of team that went to Cartago to do some street evangelism with those participating in the pilgrimage to the Basilica of La Negrita. We were able to distribute 50,000 tracts to the estimated TWO MILLION people gathered in Cartago. Jeff had never seen so many people in one place! Amazing. All were there to bow down to a miniature statue of the Virgin Mary that was 'discovered' about 400 years ago. Tragic. The sad (but humorous!) part of all this was getting 'blessed out' but a bunch of old catholic ladies. Bless their hearts!

Prayer Requests This Week...

  • Continue to pray for Haylee and Jackson. They are doing great but will have to say 'See You Later' to another group of friends this next week.

  • Pray for motivation and good attitudes as we finish up our semester.

  • Pray for the ministry at the La Carpio community each Thursday afternoon.

  • PRAISE...Liesa's dad's skin cancer is the 'not as serious' type.

  • Pray for The Spanish Language Institute as the teachers and staff prepare for a new 'crop' of missionaries arriving in a couple of weeks.

  • Pray for Boots and Katie Holder and the rest of the ReapNorth team working in Peru.

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