Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prayer Requests for September 15, 2008...

We are so blessed by all of you who pray regularly for us. There are not enough " THANK YOU'S " that we can pass along but we want you to know how important you are to us.

We have had a really good week here in Costa Rica. Liesa and I both had big language tests and we did well. We can actually speak a little spanish! Jeff has to write a paper for grammar class this weekend and Liesa has a grammar test on Tuesday, Sept 16. Life goes on for us.

Haylee and Jackson had a good week. School is back in full swing. Haylee is working hard preparing for her dance recital at the end of the month. The recital is in a big theater in downtown San Jose and will run for three nights! Haylee also celebrated her birthday (Video is below) with her friends here at the house. Jackson is enjoying fourth grade. His teacher is such a blessing. He is enjoying playing indoor soccer during the week at school and we joined our local neighborhood team that practices and plays on Saturdays outdoors (Video is below.) Both Jackson and Haylee are improving their language skills daily.

We began bible drill on Sunday afternoon at a local ministry here. Jeff and Liesa are serving as helpers for this ministry. There were over twenty 4th-6th graders from all types of backgrounds who showed up today. This is a variation of bible drill in the U.S. This should be a great challenge for all of us as we memorize scripture together.

Monday, September 15 is Independence Day here in Costa Rica. Not quite as meaningful as 4th of July in the States but we'll certainly take the day off from school. We stood in our front yard tonight and watched a good fireworks show. We'll venture out on Monday and if we can find something interesting to do.

  1. Haylee and Jackson. Continue to pray for good health, their classes at school, their spanish skills and for meaningful friendships.
  2. Jeff and Liesa. We have less than 90 days left. We must stay focused. We have 90 days left. We must stay focused. We have less than 90 days left. (SEE HOW HARD IT IS?)
  3. La Carpio. There are so many needs in this community that we work with each week. The biggest need is for more families to be reached with the gospel. Pray for the work that is going on in the La Carpio community.
  4. International Mission Board. Many of you are aware of changes going on with the International Mission Board. Please pray for our leadership as they seek to follow God's plan for the IMB. Pray that giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program will dramatically increase so that the work of missionaries around the world will be supported adequately.

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