Sunday, September 07, 2008

Prayer Requests for September 8, 2008

Thank you to all who pray frequently for this family. Your prayers are used in so many ways to allow us to see so many great things happening here in Costa Rica. We have had a great first week of school. We are especially greatful for really good language teachers this trimester. We are certainly blessed.

Haylee and Jackson continue to do very well. They have settled in to their school routine and seem to really enjoy their teachers and classes. Haylee is celebrating her 12th birthday this week so we're gearing up for a big spend the night party. A bit more of a challenge in our house here than in the BIG house in Mississippi. But, we'll make it work.

Jackson joined a new soccer league this week. A video of that is down this page a little. He really likes his teacher this semester. He is a big 4th grader now.

Prayer Requests for this week...
  • Pray for Liesa's grandmother in the hospital in Jackson, MS. Nothing too serious but an important request.
  • Pray for Haylee and Jackson as they continue to adjust to a different culture. Haylee has her dance recital coming up. Haylee and Jackson need to learn more Spanish.
  • Pray for Jeff and Liesa and their language learning...Good attitudes. Motivation.
  • Pray for the ministry at La Carpio that we lead each Thursday Afternoon. We are thankful for so many language students that volunteer to help each week. Pray for THE WORD to be taught effectively and clearly.
  • Pray for our home church, First Baptist Oxford, as they seek to be light. The first presidential debate will be in Oxford about 6 blocks away from First Baptist Oxford. Eric Hankins is the pastor. Website is Jeff was student minister there for almost ten years before joining the IMB.

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