Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update for this week....

Thank you for all of your emails, phone calls and gifts in the mail for Jeff's birthday this week. All was very appreciated! Most of all thank you for your prayers for our family. We continue to roll along with our final few weeks here in Costa Rica. This past week we went to school and took advantage of some great ministry opportunities. You are probably aware that we work with one of the communities here called La Carpio. It is a community of Nicaraguan immigrants...very poor...they build their homes out of whatever they can find. We are so grateful for the folks who volunteer to go with us each week. Liesa does a great job organizing our bible studies for each of our groups.

This coming week is another busy week. Please pray for...
  1. Haylee as she performs in her dance recital. She has worked hard overcoming language barriers and will perform Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.
  2. Jackson is loving his new teacher and whatever she's doing to get him to read so much is TREMENDOUS. Continue to pray for him as he grows more every day.
  3. Liesa is busy as always. Pray for her this week as she balances being a mom, wife, student and good friend to so many.
  4. Jeff as our final weeks of formal language training continue. Pray that all of our language skills would improve.
  5. Liesa's parents are coming to visit this week. Pray for safe travel for them.

Below are some photos from Jackson's soccer practice and his nap time in the hammock on the back patio. Sweet stuff!

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