Monday, November 17, 2008

Prayer Requests and Playa Hermosa...

We took a trip with our friends...the Bredbenners, the Penningtons and the Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We had a great weekend together at Playa Hermosa. Enjoy the movie!

Prayer Requests...
  1. Continue to pray for Jackson and Haylee and they prepare for another move. We are trusting God to provide great new friends for Haylee and Jackson in Peru.
  2. Please pray for a miraculous understanding of Spanish for all of us. We have much to learn and so little time left to learn it.
  3. Pray for the ministry to the people at La Carpio. We only have three more weeks of ministry with this community and we want to take advantage of every opportunity to introduce them to our Savior.
  4. Pray for the REAP North Peru team led by Boots and Katie Holder. Pray for wisdom as they manage the arrival of a new group of team members.
  5. Pray for a HUGE Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Pray that God would be glorified and that Southern Baptists would demonstrate their commitment to missions as never before.

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