Sunday, November 09, 2008

Prayer Requests for November 9, 2008...

Thank you for all of you who are supporting us through prayer. I think of all the things we've learned over the past 18 months of this journey we have learned the importance and power of prayer. We are so blessed with so many who pray for us including our family, our church family and many friends around the world. Here are some answers that we have experienced over the past few months...

  • Haylee and Jackson have had a wonderful experience here in Costa Rica and would love to stay here for a while. That is a blessing! School has been great and they have developed friendships that they will have for a long, long time.
  • We (Jeff and Liesa) have had grown in many, many ways. It's neat how God has deepened our faith over the past few months. We have learned so much about what it means to follow Him wherever He leads.
  • We have seen God work through all of us. All four of us are investing in the ministry at La Carpio. We have developed friendships with our Tico friends here on our street. We're going to miss them.
  • Our fellow missionaries. What an honor to serve alongside some of the most wonderful followers of Christ on the planet. God is certainly calling out some incredible people to do His work in Latin America.

Here are some prayer requests for this week...

  • SCHOOL! All four of us have a ton of things on our mind. Pray for focus!
  • The move to Peru. Moving to a new country. Making another house a home. Adjustments...particularly for Haylee and Jackon.
  • Finding a good school for Haylee and Jackson in Lima. We have several choices so pray for wisdom.
  • Speaking Spanish...we have a lot more to learn...pray for a MIRACLE.

This photo is Liesa and a few of her friends from Costa Rica at the basilica in Cartago, Costa Rica.

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