Friday, October 26, 2007

Field Personnel Orientation -- Week ONE!

We have finished our first week of F.P.O. (Field Personnel Orientation) here at the I.L.C. (International Learning Center). You gotta know a lot of abbreviations to work here at the I.M.B. (International Mission Board). Here are some highlights of the week...

Jeff... Spending 24 hours a day with my wife has been be able to partner together in ministry is such a blessing and to actually go through this whole thing together is special. AND, we got to spend THREE HOURS today in was a much needed time for me. These past few months have been so draining and there have been so many distractions. It was good to just set aside a big block of time (for us 3 hours is a big block) to pray. Other highlights have been meeting so many dedicated and inspiring people. There are over 250 of us here for this Orientation...including the largest group of South American missionaries ever to come through. Neat stuff.

Liesa...Seeing our friends that we have been going through this process with since April has been meaningful...wonderful people whom we respect and want to be like!

Haylee... Meeting new friends at school. The kids go to school each day from 9 am until 3 pm. They study international cultures, do their academic work, have worship, P.E., and lots of other fun stuff. The school personnel are incredible people. Haylee is gone tonight to another QUAD to hang out with some of her new friends.

Jackson... Jackson has had fun wrestling, throwing the football indoors, playing dominoes, playing floor hockey, flying his remote control airplane, playing soccer, running to meals, figuring out how to keep from wearing his raincoat, splashing water on mom, hanging out with the Peru Extreme Team (those guys share our QUAD unit with us.)

**We have signed a contract on the house and
will close on it on November 5!
**The kids are doing well...making friends...and adjusting fine.
**All the details are coming together as we get
ready to head to Costa Rica.

**The NEW student minister God has chosen for First Baptist Oxford.
**Haylee and Jackson as they continue to adjust.
**Our families back in Mississippi that are called to
be Families of Missionaries...that God would provide
all that they need to deal with all this.
**Lots of paper work to do and hoops to jump through
as we are getting our Costa Rica and Peru visas.
**OUR STUDIES much to little time.


JG said...

Looks like you all had a busy week 1. We are praying for your well being and safety.


Katie Hiland Griffin said...

I check each day to see if ya'll have updated! I'm glad your first week has been good so far. We miss you here!! I'm praying for you!

luice said...

Dear Jeff, Liesa, Haylee and Jackson, so glad to see you all are doing great over there. Many people are praying for you. I am one of them. We also pray for you all at church. Two of my friends and I are taking Robert's class on Wed. after dinner. Robert often mentions you and tells some of your updates. I miss you all..

Btw, Jeff is a great photographer :)) keep the good work. And look forward to knowing more about you all..

God bless,