Sunday, December 16, 2007

Field Personnel Orientation -- Week Eight!

The photo above has been our "House Worship" group for our time here at ILC.
This morning was our last time to worship together...Sad! But, the good news is that all of us will be headed to Peru so we hope to get together again.
This week has been our most challenging week. We have learned many things that will help us tremendously in Peru. We are always amazed at how well the International Mission Board equips and provides for us.
Our prayer requests this week!...
-- We head home to Mississippi on Wednesday, December 19. Pray for Safety!
Our schedule for the next few weeks...
-Thursday, Dec 20...Arrive at Liesa's Parents... Supper at OBY'S!
-Friday, Dec Liesa's Parents
-Saturday, Dec Jeff's Mom's
-Sunday, Dec Jeff's Mom's and family reunion in Meridian, MS
-Monday, Dec Jeff's Mom's
-Tuesday, Dec Jeff's Mom's then to Liesa's Parents
-Wednesday, Dec Liesa's Parents
-Thursday, Dec 27...Day in Oxford (at FBC CLC from 1 pm till 4 pm)
-Friday Dec 28 to Sunday Dec Liesa's Parents
-Sunday, Dec 31...Fly to Costa Rica.
-- We're selling a car! Pray for a buyer.
-- Our colleagues here will join us in going to all 11 regions of the world that the IMB has personnel. Pray for us as we all travel over the next few weeks.

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Laney said...

wow! it's really happening. can ya'll believe it? i love ya'll!