Saturday, December 08, 2007

Field Personnel Orientation -- Week Seven!

Week Seven was another good week! The highlights....
  • Information sessions on Third Culture Kids and some good training on raising kids overseas.
  • Packing Our Toolbox with Dr. Tom Elliff was Really Good Stuff!
  • More Culture Shock Training.
  • SNOW and a little bit of ICE! We'll miss that in Costa Rica.
  • A Visit from Lottie Moon...really effective way to remember our colleague who have her all for Jesus.
  • A very informative time with the folks from WMU.
  • Our last round of immunizations! We're glad that's over.
  • Haylee had a Slumber Party and had a blast...Jackson had one of his buddies over for the night as well. We will miss so many people when we leave here.
  • A night out with some of our best friends and NERTZ! Fun times.

Prayer Requests This Week...

  1. Thanksgiving and Praise for God's faithfulness and blessings to us during our time here!
  2. Please pray for Liesa's Aunt Carol who is in the hospital in Jackson, MS. Doctors are still trying to determine what the problem is.
  3. Pray for a buyer for our car.
  4. Pray for safe travel for us as we head to Mississippi on December 19.

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