Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More from Costa Rica...

Prayer Requests!
**We are still working on selling our car. We'll make you a great deal on a really good car. Call Arnold Jackson at 601-825-7165 if you want more info.
**We've been in school a week and we're ready for Spring Break...pray for endurance for us.
**Haylee and Jackson's school is VERY challenging...pray for them as they adjust.
**We're beginning to grasp the language...pray for opportunities to share Christ.

Liesa and Jackson on the bus. We travel by bus when we can. It's CHEAP!
About 30 cents to go anywhere you want.

Liesa and Jeff with a fat lady statue. I'm sure it means something.

On Saturday mornings Liesa shops for our veggies here!
This market is in our neighborhood at the park.

More photos from the market. Pineapples are 80 cents!

We walk to church on Sunday Mornings...this is Haylee and Jackson on Sunday morning in our front yard.


JG said...

Do you all have grapes(purple or green seedless) at the market, and if so, what do they cost? I need an alternative to $3.49 or higher per pound.

Janet H. said...

Hey Holeman Family!

Just wanted you to know that I was praying for your family today. I love seeing your blog and imagining what your days must be like. Jake and I looked for you on his globe this morning, and I ached to think of how far Costa Rica really is...and then suddenly great joy, that I can't really describe, came over me in knowing why you are there and Who sent you there. Only a great and mighty God can do such things... the same God that will continue to meet your every need. We love you! I'm blessed to know a family like yours!

louis said...

I love the blog. I love the pictures. So far my favorite picture is of Haley & Jackson dressed for church...and here is why...I couldn't help but notice Jackson's fly was unzipped. No wonder he is smiling so big. SURPRISE!