Saturday, February 09, 2008

Prayer Requests...

Please join us in prayer for ...
-- Haylee and Jackson to continue to adjust well. We are thankful that they are doing great!
-- Language learning to go well...10 more months to go.
-- Our upcoming training meeting with all IMB personnel here in language school.
-- Liesa's Aunt Carol in Brandon, MS as she recovers from her illness.
-- Jeff's mom (Dina Ann Holeman) as she prepares to come to Costa Rica in early March.
-- Boots and Katie Holder and the Reap North team in Peru.
-- Our colleagues around the world who are facing difficulties...unstable governments, learning a new language, adapting to different cultures, sickness, etc.
-- More people involved in reaching those in hard to reach places.

"The true greatness of any church is found in
not how many it seats but how many it sends!"
-- Unknown

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