Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Track Meet Today....

Haylee and Jackson's School had a track meet today and Haylee was in two events and Jackson was in one. Haylee won one event and placed second in the other. Jackson placed second in his event but with further training we'll make sure a win is in his future.


Anonymous said...

Is that Ole Miss red I see Jackson wearing??

Pam A

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson Holeman said...

That certainly is Ole Miss Red. Since the Super Bowl we've pulled out all of the Red and Blue.

JoAnne Ivy said...

Hey.. I just added your blog to my reader!! It is good to hear from you. I'm so proud for your track stars!

oh and thanks for reading my incredibly long blog! I broke all the rules on that one.
I'm praying for you all,