Friday, April 25, 2008

One Trimester Down...Two More To Go...

We have finished our first semester of language school here in Costa Rica! Buenos tiempos amigos! We realize every day how dependent we are on your prayers...a good dependency! Thank you for your prayers and your giving through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

This past week has been a good one for us as we have wrapped up the semester in fun ways. Most of our classes have been light this week and simply a time for fellowship. Some of our classmates will be headed off to different places to engage the people of Latin America, Spain, and the United States with the gospel. Very exciting and somewhat bittersweet to say "see you soon!" to fellow travelers on this road to bring hope to the lost. It's great that Christians never have to say goodbye. And as Jackson, Haylee and I read this morning from Psalm 90...God is not too affected by time and a thousand years are like a day to him. So, when we miss our friends we know that God has a great reunion planned for us with Him after this life. The life of a missionary family is filled with hello's and "see you later's."

A big event of our week was going to a professional soccer game here in San Jose. This was our first but it won't be our last. There are really no words to describe the event...similar to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge but this was probably turned up a notch!

Liesa's parents arrived safely last night and her sisters and their families arrive this afternoon. We'll be headed to the beach for some fun this weekend and will return next weekend.

Have a great week. Know you are loved and appreciated. Send us your prayer requests...we want to hear from you!
Don't forget our Day of Prayer for South America on May 11....If you can commit to spending some time on this day in prayer send an email to Liesa at .

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