Saturday, April 12, 2008

Update for this week...

Hey all,
We have had a LOOooonnng week with several important things going on. Our usual school schedule with tests and such continue. The kids are immersed in school activities...Jackson in soccer and Haylee in cheerleading (and dance). AND, this week we had our Oral Proficiency Interviews with our company. The interviews are to measure our progress in learning Spanish. We both feel like we did as good as we could possibly do at this point. Evaluations will come sometime soon.

The mental fatigue of all this is pretty intense. We would not being doing well without God's blessings and your prayers. Thank you for all that you are doing to help us learn the language and culture of South America.

Prayer Requests this week...
  1. Pray for the Day of Prayer and Fasting for South America on May 11. We'll be celebrating Mother's Day! If you would like to join us in prayer be sure and email Liesa at
  2. Pray for Haylee and Jackson. They continue to do well in school and activities. They are making good friends and are adapting to our new life very well. Continue to pray for their adjustment.
  3. Pray for Liesa and Jeff. Only two weeks of class until a much needed break....pray for endurance and good attitudes.
  4. Pray for the people of Costa Rica. We are reaching a point where we are feeling comfortable with our Spanish. We are praying for opportunities to share the gospel with Spanish speakers.
  5. Pray for a Chik-fil-a to open here soon.


Jenny said...

Amen to Chic-fil-a!! :) Well, and definitely the other stuff is real important, too!! :) :) We are honored to pray for you guys, the best neighbors in the universe!! Love you, Jenny

JoAnne Ivy said...

so is chic-fil-a on the way or is this wishful thinking? I'm having food cravings on my own.... I need some TexMex here in a real bad way. Oh last week I say a kid with an Ole Miss writ band on I took a double take but sure enough it was ole miss rebels class of 2002 sweat band (a bull dog fan must have given found it and given to salvation army a rebel never would never give it away right?). Love ya'll and praying for you tonight - today where you are. JoAnne