Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank you for praying...

We received our scores from our Oral Proficiency Interview with the International Mission Board and we are both VERY PLEASED with our results. We are both at a level of Spanish that will allow us to go to Perú with a very good understanding of Spanish. Thank you for praying.

We should receive our scores from our language school today or tommorrow.


Pam Carter said...

We knew you could do it! :) We are so proud of you all. We will continue to pray as you transition to Peru and look forward to the exciting ways God is going to use you all there!

Anonymous said...

The video was marvelous. The Holeman family is mentioned in the December 28, 2008 LifeWords Bible Study of LifeWay. I jumped ahead and just came across it. When the lesson is presented that Sunday, I will be sure your family and your mission is included in our prayers.

We are hoping for great success for the Lottie Moon Offering in order to support your tremendous efforts.

God Bless you, keep you safe, and may you be steadfast and true representatives for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Harriett Allen
Greenville, SC

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